Rome: a new Espace Cartier for the Bedetti jewellery store

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Polverini’s latest project was for the famous Bedetti jewellery store in Rome. The Polverini team had already set up a temporary Espace there in July 2020 and at the end of February 2021, after a period of careful design and planning, they completed the final restyling.

For over 100 years the exclusive jeweller’s, in the centre of Piazza San Silvestro, has represented quality and luxury. This famous square was once the site of the Roman Temple of the Sun, dedicated to the Emperor Aurelian and is now an elegant and spacious plaza close to some of the most iconic Roman landmarks: the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the world-famous shopping avenues.

The new 17sqm Espace Cartier, within the Bedetti store, was completed in 5 days. The team created and installed the walls, cladding, back lighting and shelves as well as the metal TV frames, drawers and mirror, using the classic Espace materials of wood, eco-leather, wallpaper, gold painted metals and LED lighting. They then installed the logos, ornamental elements, TV screen, display case, carpet and freestanding furniture: counter, table, lamp and chairs.

The strategic position of the Bedetti jewellery store invites passers-by to admire the prestigious jewellery on display while being immersed in the unique and timeless atmosphere of the “Eternal City”.

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