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A 480 sqm restyling, for this prestigious store, took our team to Amsterdam. The boutique is in the city’s most exclusive shopping area, PC Hooftstraat, close to the historic heart of the capital, with its canals and quaint buildings.

The team did the millwork for the wall panels, doors, shelving, hooks and mirrors, as well as some of the free-standing furniture; showcases, cash wrap area, seating, tables and plinths.

The brand’s classic use of black, white, cement effect and Elm wood, with elegant accent colours and soft mohair fabric, is found throughout the boutique. Although the fashion house is famous around the world, it often recalls its British roots in the details used. An example of this is the ‘aged’ black paint, which draws inspiration from typical London gates and railings, to create a perfect ‘imperfect’ effect. Another British reference is the use of Portland stone, classically used in English cathedrals and important buildings.

Our team also placed LED lights, the brand logo and other finishing details before the store’s opening at the end of 2023 to great public acclaim.

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