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After months of careful planning, engineering and design, at the end of February 2021 the new-look Cartier in Dubai opened. Within the spectacular Dubai Mall, the Cartier store is a testimony to Polverini’s excellence in design and craftsmanship. This was a large project, that included the restyling of the 600 sqm boutique and its BOH, from the civil works and millwork to the finishing details.

Harmoniously blending the trademark Cartier materials and style, the Polverini team undertook the work of installing the wall panels, doors, cabinets, wall units, bar and service counters, using wood, fabric, leather and brass. The refined details included glass and brass-effect screen panels and the use of natural stone, such as marble, onyx, amber and limestone. The finishing touches were added using sumptuous wall paper and soft furnishings, for a touch of opulence and style. At the end of the project the team installed the Cartier logo and the lighting, which illuminates the interior space beautifully. The overall effect of the restyling is an elegant yet welcoming area, which is the perfect foil for the beautiful jewellery and luxury goods displayed there.

The Dubai Mall is not just about retail, although its shopping avenues host the most exclusive brands in the world and the gold souk alone has over 200 shops. With its aquarium and shark tunnel, Olympic sized ice-skating rink, abundant restaurants and many splendid atriums, featuring design elements such as a dramatic waterfall, the mall is simply awe inspiring. One of the best attractions, according to the Polverini team, are the fountain displays, especially evocative at night when the play of light on water accompanied by operatic arias thrill all those who watch them. It is no surprise that Polverini considers it a real privilege to have been able to work in this stunning location, adding a touch of their transformational magic to it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in this project for their splendid cooperation and support:

  • ESA

Special thanks also to all the artists and craftsmen for their incredible contribution.


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