Engineering services, creation and installation of luxury retail spaces, worldwide.


The initial phase of our service deals with the analysis of locations and the project design. Each project is entrusted to an internal project manager who will be responsible for the development, technical design and feasibility of every aesthetic choice. The project assumes a new, detailed form, taking into consideration the possibilities present in the actual space available.

The next step sees a production project manager assigned to supervise the entire project. At this time an internal team becomes involved in researching materials, the creation of fittings, planning the installation and setting everything up.


Research, selection and combination of materials make up a fundamental part of every project. We have built a large part of our business development on these foundations and on the specific knowledge of an infinite selection of diverse materials. Plexiglass, metals, fabrics and wood are materials on which we have done extensive research, in terms of manufacturing and techniques employed. Most of these are prepared within the company itself, by a team of professionals with a vast experience in these areas.

This know-how allows us to advise customers on the best surfaces, finishing touches and solutions, so that their projects go exactly as planned. Investments made into technology and equipment have allowed us to speed up every processing phase and maintain the high quality expected of us.

Research into materials is completed by the lighting systems, a key design-feature in every project. This calls for an in-depth knowledge of the various norms in this sector, for every country in the world, and the ability to treat lighting as a true design element.

“ For us, the secret is in the details, the finishing touches and being open to new ideas. Stopping at what we know is just too easy. 

If there is something that distinguishes us from the rest, it is the pleasure we take in experimentation and the desire to find the most efficient way to do things, always”

Andrea Polverini

General contractor

We have been General Contractors in the field of luxury boutique restyling and creation for many years now. We are able to offer our services, for the organisation and management of projects, thanks to experience gained in complex jobs completed over the last decades, guiding a network of different companies throughout the world.

As general contractor we supervise the entire development process, from the choice of materials to the delivery, installation and final assessment. In this way we become the client’s only point of contact throughout the construction process, taking full responsibility for the work and delivery times, as well as the quality of the finishing touches and details.

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