A new Espace Cartier in Riccione

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2021 flows in with continuous success that started in the previous year, especially when it comes to projects like Espace Cartier. To begin the year, in January, a team of three assembly workers was busy setting up a new Espace inside Bartorelli jewellery store.

Located on Viale Dante, one of the busiest and most famous shopping streets in Riccione, the boutique was restyled and engineered by Polverini’s architects. Working on the installation of this 15-square-meter space, they applied wood, eco-leather, wallpaper, gold-coloured painted metals and LED lighting, as in all other Espace chains.

Polverini specialists also designed, supplied and installed the walls, cladding, wall panel back-lighting, shelves, metal TV frame, wall console, access portals to BOH and a painted wooden mirror. To finish off, the team supervised the installation of the logo, icons, TV screen and freestanding furniture (table with lamp and chairs).

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