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We have been working on many projects in the USA recently, in locations spanning from the east to the west coast: New York, Manhasset and Charlotte, then across to Houston, Texas, and on to a couple of locations in California.

This exciting journey coast to coast has seen us working on some new stores and restyling of others. The projects ranged from large ones of over 750sqm to smaller spaces of around 50sqm.

Burberry is constantly expanding around the world and these American stores are shining examples of the iconic brand’s style.

We did the millwork for the walls, sales areas and changing rooms, as well as producing the doors and some furniture such as shelves, clothes rails and showcases. The look is classic Burberry, with lacquered surfaces in white, beige and gold, offset by other pieces of furniture with a cement finish. Shiny tiles and galvanised gold details reflect the designer goods throughout the stores while the use of mohair in some seating areas adds a plush softness.

So, wherever you travel to across the USA you are sure to find our team at work!

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