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In the historic city of Lancaster, we have just finished a restyling of a small Cartier Espace for Banks Lyon, the prestigious jeweller’s which opened for business in 1887.

The city itself, which started as a Roman settlement and played a key role in the War of the Roses in the 15th century, has much to offer. With its impressive castle, interesting museums, a canal running through the city and the River Lune Millennium Park with unusual artwork, Lancaster is a thriving, vibrant place which is popular with tourists as it is en route to the Lake District and not far from the coast.

In April our team did the millwork for the new area within the jewellery shop, installing panels and dividing walls to create an elegant display space. All the usual elements typical of the luxury brand are present: clever use of lighting to highlight the wares, the company logo, gleaming metal and glass display cases and opulent wall coverings.

The classic use of red in the Espace seems especially relevant as a reminder of the symbol of Lancaster, a red rose. There is still rivalry today between the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York and each city claims to be the best place to live.

Lancaster has many fine Georgian buildings in the city centre and along St Georges Quay. If your interests lie in history, you can visit the remains of the Roman Fort and baths, or the splendid medieval castle. The centre is full of good shops and restaurants for a relaxing day out. For those who are curious about the “quirkier” aspects of the area, there are guides who will explain the history of the Pendle Witch Trials in 1612 and why Lancaster had the nickname of “the Hanging Town”!

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