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Our most recent projects have taken us travelling to South Africa, where we have been working on large Burberry stores in two upmarket shopping centres. Both projects were over 200smq, a restyling of an existing store in Johannesburg’s Sandton Centre and a new opening in Oceans Mall in Durban.

We did the millwork for panels, an entrance with supermirror ceiling panels, folding and swing doors, as well as shelving, clothes rails and hooks. We also produced the mid-floor fixtures such as counters, islands, plinths and seating.
The new Burberry look uses its classic colours, of black, white and beige, in various ways. In some projects mosaic tiles and lacquered surfaces have been used while in others wood, glass and matt surfaces prevail, always offset by a variety of textures: galvanised gold, glass, concrete effect and touches of soft mohair.

Both shopping centres are home to many global luxury brands. Sandton, which opened in September 1973 and the adjacent Nelson Mandela Square form one of the largest retail complexes in the country, sometimes referred to as “the richest square mile in Africa”. Oceans Mall, Durban is a new complex which opened in November 2022, with over 100 shops including the Platinum Walk.

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