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Although, the increase of luxury e-commerce sales, observers of this special sector are not sure that the future of shopping will only be online. A closer look to the market of luxury goods showed that, even if, many brands reduced their number of shops, other e-commerce retailers – from Warby Parker to Bonobos, Glossier and even Amazon – did not open only temporary shops but permanent showrooms and shops.

It may be illogical, why should e-commerce luxury brands open real shops when their online sales represent their main income and development? How can they earn from an offline presence? Are there any strategies employed for their online success that can be used for their offline experience?


Some of important e-commerce retailer – such Amazon – will not only open temporary stores but permanent showrooms


As part of the Luxe Digital series on The Future of Luxury Online Retail, this article explores the logic of a new omni-channel approach in high-end retail with a focus on digital brands born exclusively online that have successfully added physical boutiques to their business strategy.

An in-depth study of published a few months ago on Luxe.Digital shows how the world of fashion and luxury is made of mixed strategies, multi-channel sales

(fonte: luxe.digital)

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