Lung ventilator helping Italian hospitals. Polverini in the face of Covid-19 emergency donates machinery that saves lives.

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The emergency that arose after the worldwide spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 forced the Polverini company to close. The owners, Andrea and Daniele Polverini, however, wanted to make an important gesture and donated an electric pulmonary ventilator for intensive care to Italian hospitals.

It is a private initiative that Polverini took. They contacted Siare Enginerring International Group in Bologna, a wold leading manufacturer of electromedical equipment and ordered the machine, which is crucial in curing Covid-19 patients hospitalised in intensive care. The ventilator will be soon delivered in Tuscany and will be then available to any hospital that needs it.

The machine allows to view respiratory trends and to measure ventilatory parameters in adult patients, children and infants.

“This global emergency is straining our health systems and it has prompted us to contribute, as much as we can, by giving an instrument that can save lives – the owners explain. We are convinced that health has no boundaries, which is why we would like the ventilator to be available to everyone and, once the emergency ends in Italy, we would like it to be available to hospitals in other countries that need it.”

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