Watchmaking: Polverini as Cartier’s partner in an “Italian project”

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Cartier is in one of the most famous Italian watchmakers that our team recently had the honour to work with.

Just a few weeks ago, Pisa Orologeria and Cartier – two exceptional partners, came together to work on a project, which culminated in the new opening of the Maison’s Espace inside renowned Milanese boutique.

For that special occasion, Polverini built walls, wall units, golden dividers and set up lighting, creating a welcoming, warm, elegant and extremely pleasant environment, which perfectly reflects the spirit of Cartier’s salons.

By putting emphasis on red, Maison’s identifying colour, Polverini respected its sophisticated style, at the same time recreating a comfortable intimate atmosphere of a real living room. 

The accuracy of the details and materials chosen, as well as the concept that bears Cartier’s signature, makes the Milanese Espace a perfect environment for welcoming customers from all over the world, because elegance is international.

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