Millwork at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann with Dior

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We already had an honour of working for a shop (a new opening on the Champs-Elysées) of the Lafayette Galleries. Yet, this time round, it was Dior’s project – engineered internally by one of our architects – that kept us busy from June to October this year on a 130 square meter construction site.

The space is on the third floor of the store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris – in Men’s Section – which is one of the main shopping centers of the group.

Polverini team was very busy with the project, as we had the responsibility of thinking out numerous aspects as well as that of managing various materials (including marble, veneered oak, nickel-plated brass, mirror, leather…).

Now the shop is open and if you happen to visit it, you will be able to notice our work in various details: lightboxes on the façade, irregularly shaped drawers veneered with striped oak, Egger Soft Touch interior, dressing rooms lined with real leather treated in blue and decorations – nickel-plated brass hanging bars to name just a few. 


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