Burberry Miami: An Ocean of Style

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Our projects have taken us to many luxury shopping malls around the world. The latest, creating a totally new Burberry space within the legendary Saks Fifth Avenue store, allowed us to explore the exclusive and laid-back atmosphere of Miami’s Bal Harbour. This is a charming resort, its beach a mile of powdery white sand flanking the aquamarine ocean.

Bal Harbour’s elegant shopping mall, with an open-air layout, is beautifully landscaped with trees and shrubs which can withstand the wind and salt spray. Within this tropical garden setting is a fine collection of designer boutiques, department stores and restaurants.

The 47sqm Burberry shop was completed by our team in June 2021. We supplied and installed walls, cladding and lighting for both the front and back of house areas, to create a fashionable look. A key aspect was the use of metal, which was treated in diverse ways; shiny, satin-finished, glossy black and galvanised with a bright light-gold colour. The team did the millwork for the drawers, counter, wall units, shelves, rail, cashwrap and backwrap areas. Accented in white and beige lacquered wood, elements with a glossy red finish or concrete effect, walls covered with mohair fabric, well placed mirrors and LED lighting to perfectly illuminate the space: this new Burberry space will surely entice customers to browse.

Bal Harbour, in 1965, was Florida’s first exclusive, high-fashion shopping centre, on what had been the site of a World War II army barracks. At that time retail experts doubted that such an innovative, open-air design would be a success but in 1976, Saks Fifth Avenue became one of Bal Harbour’s key stores and the mall is in constant expansion.

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