Speak Italian in new Espace Cartier by Polverini

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Collaboration between Polverini and French jewellery fashion house Cartier continues.

A few weeks ago Polverini team was involved in the construction of Espace Cartier in Italy, more precisely in Parma, Emilia Romagna, in the interior of Camparini jewellery store.

It is on one of the most popular and prestigious streets of Parma, via Luigi Carlo Farini, where Polverini worked on restyling of the Camparini jewelery store, which has three other boutiques in this region.

In the first phase, the designers engineered project carried out by Cartier and after that the team of technicians and fitters focused on Espace. On surface covering 7m2, the team installed walls (supplied by Polverini), laid coverings, mounted shelves and metal frames for TV monitors, as well as arranged back lighting of wall-panels. Their work also included the installation of Espace logo and furnishing with freestanding furniture and accessories.

The project was carried out in line with Cartier’s style, which influenced the choice of elegant materials such as wood, eco-leather, wallpaper, gold-colored paints and LED lighting.

With their involvement in the design and delivery of the project at its final stage, Polverini once again reinforced themselves as partners of this prestigious French fashion house.

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