Helsinki: in Northern Europe for another important opening

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In the first week of August the Polverini team headed north to Helsinki, Finland, for the opening of yet another Espace Cartier on the map of Europe.
Built at the same time as the Maltese project, also the Finnish one started from the engineering of the area. The new home of Espace is 15 square meters wide and is located located in the historic Lindroos jewellery store.
Just like in the majority of works for Espace Cartier, materials used were wood, eco-leather, gold-colored metal wallpaper and LED lighting that complimented well the classic style of the French maison.
Polverini then supplied and installed walls, laid claddings, backlit wall panels, mounted shelves, a metal frame for a TV monitor and an illuminated window sign.
As for the installation only, the team placed the logo, icons, TV screen, display case, carpet and freestanding furniture (counter, table with lamp and chairs).
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