Camparini opens a new Espace Cartier signed by Polverini

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Camparini opens a new Espace Cartier signed by Polverini

May has been a particularly significant month for the completion of some projects, in particular those that for months now see increasingly close collaboration between Polverini and Cartier.

The restyling of the Camparini jewelery in Reggio Emilia lasted about three days, where the technicians of the Polverini team, after the engineering phase of the project, arrived to give shape to a new Espace Cartier inside the famous jewelery boutique.

The project is in continuity with the one carried out last March in the jewelery of the same name based in Parma.

On the area of 13 square meters dedicated to the Espace the team installed the walls made internally, laid coverings, mounted shelves and metal frames for TV monitors. In addition the team installed the back lighting of the wall-panels, the logo and all the freestanding furniture (counter, table with lamp and chairs).

The new Espace completely replicates the style of the previous so among the materials used there are  wood, eco-leather, wallpaper, gold-colored paints and LED lighting.

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