An Exclusive Cartier Café for the Dubai Mall Boutique

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The exquisite Cartier boutique in the Dubai Mall, the biggest in the Middle East, is now home to the first exclusive Cartier café in the region. The recent full renovation project of the boutique and café area was engineered and managed by the Polverini team and completed at the end of April 2021. Situated on the upper floor, the space of approximately 200 sqm has diverse areas, creating an atmosphere of luxurious comfort to welcome its valued customers.
The work done in the cafe, includes the civil works, MEP and mill work. We created and installed cabinets, the care service counter, shelves, folding doors and screens, coving, doors and the façade, as well as wall panels with more than 20 different finishes.
An opulent lift, in which Polverini used fabric-covered panels, wooden frames and brass lighting, takes you up to the café. The upper floor opens out into the sumptuous care service area, where customers can wait while their jewellery is personalised and customised. Here the team used maple wood for the counter and cabinets and burnished brass finishes. The counter top and shelves are of prestigious marble and the various fabric-covered wall claddings add interest and texture. The plasterboard mouldings, plaited leather dividing panel, lighting and perfectly placed furniture, make every corner an interesting space.



Beyond this is the bar area, where we installed more elegant fabric-covered panels, the flooring, doors and doorways with intricate transom panels, along with the ceilings and plaster coving. Plush chairs and sofas, subtle lighting and elegant ornamental elements invite the customers to relax in this welcoming, refined ambience.



From here you can easily reach the reserved and cosy Confidence Room and the VIP area.



The upper floor, with its exquisite details such as folding screens in burnished brass and mother of pearl, are testimony to Polverini’s skill in working with various materials: metals (brass, stainless steel, bronze, copper), rich fabrics and wallpapers, prestigious stones (marble, onyx, amber, limestone) wood (oak, maple, African teak), leather and mother of pearl.



The café area flows harmoniously from each well-defined space to the other, creating the perfect mood for customers to experience the Maison’s characteristic hospitality. No trip to this spectacular Cartier boutique would be complete without visiting the café to absorb its captivating and unique style.

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