An Espace Cartier in the vibrant side streets of Mykonos

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Matogianni Street, in the beautiful Aegean Island of Mykonos, is home to the prestigious Rousounelos jewellery store. Set within a labyrinth of white buildings with brightly painted doors and shutters and splashes of magenta Bougainvillea, this has to be one of the most beautiful and colourful places our team has worked in.

Inside, the store the atmosphere is of calm elegance. Beneath a traditional wooden ceiling, a new Espace Cartier, engineered by Polverini, was finished in June 2021, opening to the public in the classic Espace colours and materials, which make this small space look more attractive than ever. The team created wall panels, shelving, TV frame, show case and back lighting and used wood, eco-leather, wallpaper, gold painted metal and LED lighting. They also installed the logo, ornamental elements, TV screen and freestanding furniture, to complete the restyling.

The contrast between the cool elegance of the jewellery store and the vibrant street, makes it the perfect place to choose a refined gift before exploring the maze of side streets once more.

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