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We are proud to have worked on a major project in the luxurious Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall. A major French Maison have undergone a stunning boutique extension and partial renovation to commemorate their 10th anniversary in the Middle East.

Polverini did the millwork, including sliding doors, special panels and the BOH furniture, for the large store, of over 400 sqm.

The boutique spreads over two floors, linked by a graceful staircase and elevator. The façade’s design, in black lacquer and shiny metal, is echoed throughout the store: in the flooring, skirting and ceiling architraves.

Subtle, elegant tones, wall-papered panels, domed-glass display cases and stunning chandeliers reveal an Art Deco/Art Nouveau influence in the main areas. The exquisite VIP lounges, with soft, pastel-coloured seating, create a romantic, poetic atmosphere, perfect for contemplating the enchanting jewels.

There is something magical about the atmosphere within the store. The theme of nature is frequently repeated, in the charming designs on the panels, sumptuous materials, and in the representations of delicate flowers which have always been a source of inspiration for the brand.

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