Design services, realization and installation of luxury retail solutions all over the world.


Our service’s first phase is the analysis of space and project design. Then, we assign the project to a different in-house project manager, who plans its realisation and evaluates every aesthetic choice.

During this phase, a project becomes more detailed and it can be customized according to space limits and other conditions.
In the second phase, the production project manager supervises each aspect of the production process. In this phase, an in-house team selects and identifies materials, supervises furniture realisation, plans settings installation and its assembling.


Research, selection and association of materials are fundamental for every project. These skills together with our knowledge of the various materials represent the heart of our company’s development. In particular, we have conducted a lot of research on manufacturing and usage of plexiglas, metals, tissues and wood. Most of the materials that we use are transformed directly inside our company by our experts.
 Through this know-how, we can advise customers on the best surfaces, features and solutions for their projects. In addition, we employ all the cutting-edge technologies and equipment able to accelerate our production process but preserving high-quality standards.

The last section of this phase is focused on lighting installations, a key element for every setting. In order to select the best light, we must analyse the legislation of each country and be able to treat light as a real element of design.

“ We think that the secret lies in details, particulars and curiosity. We never stop, it is too easy.
We want to be different, we love exploring in order to find the maximum efficiency. ”

Andrea Polverini

General contractor

We have been General Contractors in the field of boutique restyling and creation for many years now. For this reason, we represent the best solution both for coordination and management of sophisticated projects thanks to our deep experience involving different companies all around the world.
As General Contractors, we follow the entire production process starting from material selection, to delivery and final check. During the realisation phase, we are the customer’s only advisor, taking the whole responsibility for the job, from furniture quality control to its delivery time.

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