Organisational skills experience in managing complex projects. a company covering three different continents that follows and manages important projects of luxury retail design.

Polverini is a luxury retail design company specialised in high fashion. Our company combines tradition and an industrial organisational approach. These two features represent both the past of our company and its new global dimension, developed in the last few years.
Our mission focuses on design and high fashion boutique setting, through a global offer and an approach that follows every production phase: from design to furniture installation.

Today, our company is in five different countries: Italy, USA, Dubai, Qatar and South Africa. Moreover, we have followed projects in each continent developing strong partnerships with the main fashion and luxury brands around the world.

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High Fashion Boutique General Contractor

Our experience in this sector and knowledge in managing complex projects developed further control and organisational skills. These skills are the core of our offer enabling our customers to work with a single advisor during the whole project.

Polverini is a Fashion General Contractor able to coordinate all the bodies involved in a project. It communicates with the customer or the project office, it follows the timing and it manages a scrupulous quality control.

According to this working view, our company has a special division entirely dedicated to design projects and to manage the building site. The division composed of professionals able to manage the development of a new boutique, guarantee the project conformity with the exclusive fashion quality standards.

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