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Our mission has two key concepts: working process control and quality research. Our specialization is in fashion and luxury retail design. For this reason, we know the importance of creativity, clean and neat details, and the value of punctuality. A project has infinite variables that must be identified, managed and controlled. On this idea, we have focused our development becoming Fashion General Contractor able to work on each working phase: design, material research and building site management. We have collaborations all around the world with the most important fashion and luxury companies.


Our experience includes new openings and restyling of fashion and luxury boutiques around the world from their design, to material selection, to production and setting. Often, we have been General Contractors of entire projects.

Currently, we are present in the most important fashion and luxury locations around the world (Arezzo, Paris, New York, Dubai, Doha and Johannesburg), where we offer our experienced technicians and numerous installation experts.

In Tuscany, where our main headquarter is based, we follow all commercial and design phases. The complete work is managed by a single office which is able to design, coordinate on-site teams, suppliers and timing of the entire project.

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Helsinki: in Northern Europe for another important opening

In the first week of August the Polverini team headed north to Helsinki, Finland, for the opening of yet another Espace Cartier on the map of Europe. Built at the same time as the Maltese project, also the Finnish one started from the engineering of the area. The new home of Espace is 15 square […]

Polverini arrives in Malta. New Espace Cartier in Valletta

The Polverini team was busy also this summer with the construction of a new Espace Cartier. This time the project took place in Lowell jewellery store on Republic Street of Valletta, on the nearby Malta. From 31 July to 8 August, after the engineering phase, the assembly team was busy setting up the new Cartier […]

Polverini sets off to restyle the new Espace Cartier in Lecce

Another important project for Cartier was just carried out in one of the most characteristic cities of southern Italy, Lecce. The work involved Polverini’s technicians in the restyling of Espace on the inside of the prestigious Mossa jewellery store located in the splendid setting of Piazza Sant’Oronzo. After the engineering phase, a surface of 9 […]

An other Espace Cartier for Polverini

The collaboration between Polverini and Cartier continues for the realisation of a new Espace. Our team, in recent weeks, has been operating at the Torelli jewelry store in Bergamo. The prestigious boutique, Cartier authorized dealer, has decided to dedicate an area of ​​14 square meters to an exclusive Espace. The engineering phase was followed by […]

Post lockdown news: another Cartier Espace in Italy

After the lockdown that involved our whole country, the Polverini team is back! Respecting new rules and guidelines in the workplace, we got back to work on another Cartier Espace boutique.  This time we took part in a prestigious project for Veronelli Jewellery, one of the most elegant boutiques on Via Caio Plinio Secondo at […]

Lung ventilator helping Italian hospitals. Polverini in the face of Covid-19 emergency donates machinery that saves lives.

The emergency that arose after the worldwide spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 forced the Polverini company to close. The owners, Andrea and Daniele Polverini, however, wanted to make an important gesture and donated an electric pulmonary ventilator for intensive care to Italian hospitals. It is a private initiative that Polverini took. They contacted Siare Enginerring International […]

Speak Italian in new Espace Cartier by Polverini

Collaboration between Polverini and French jewellery fashion house Cartier continues. A few weeks ago Polverini team was involved in the construction of Espace Cartier in Italy, more precisely in Parma, Emilia Romagna, in the interior of Camparini jewellery store. It is on one of the most popular and prestigious streets of Parma, via Luigi Carlo […]

Research, development and large projects in the luxury sector: the outlook for 2020

  A broad-reaching interview with Andrea and Daniele Polverini, heads of Polverini, an Italian and global leader in the production, engineering and installation of furnishings for luxury stores and high-end fashion boutiques. An informal but insightful chat, looking back on the year just ended and considering what the future holds for the business in a […]

Polverini closes 2019 in Copenhagen with an important opening: new Cartier boutique

Year 2019 ended with an important opening of Cartier boutique in Copenhagen-Østergade. The famous French brand has chosen the Danish capital to establish its strong presence on the luxury market. The Polverini team was an active part of the opening and participated in the first phase – the engineering of the new boutique. Covering a […]

Restyling of the Espace Cartier in New Delhi

Polverini team spent the last days of November in New Delhi, India, working on restyling of a space in Kapoor Flagship Store South Extension-II, one of the chain’s stores founded in 1967. The store, opened in 2018, covers 16 square meters in a mall that is home to various luxury brands. Among them, Cartier, the […]

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