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Our mission has two key concepts: working process control and quality research. Our specialization is in fashion and luxury retail design. For this reason, we know the importance of creativity, clean and neat details, and the value of punctuality. A project has infinite variables that must be identified, managed and controlled. On this idea, we have focused our development becoming Fashion General Contractor able to work on each working phase: design, material research and building site management. We have collaborations all around the world with the most important fashion and luxury companies.


Our experience includes new openings and restyling of fashion and luxury boutiques around the world from their design, to material selection, to production and setting. Often, we have been General Contractors of entire projects.

Currently, we are present in the most important fashion and luxury locations around the world (Arezzo, Paris, New York, Dubai, Doha and Johannesburg), where we offer our experienced technicians and numerous installation experts.

In Tuscany, where our main headquarter is based, we follow all commercial and design phases. The complete work is managed by a single office which is able to design, coordinate on-site teams, suppliers and timing of the entire project.

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An Exclusive Cartier Café for the Dubai Mall Boutique

The exquisite Cartier boutique in the Dubai Mall, the biggest in the Middle East, is now home to the first exclusive Cartier café in the region. The recent full renovation project of the boutique and café area was engineered and managed by the Polverini team and completed at the end of April 2021. Situated on […]

Amsterdam: An Espace Cartier for the “Venice of the North”

Amsterdam is a fascinating city to visit. Spend a pleasant hour walking from the stunning Eye Filmmuseum overlooking the IJ waterfront, to the house of Anne Frank and the museum dedicated to her tragically short life, or simply wander through the fascinating, canal-side streets. After that, before making your way to the Van Gogh Museum, […]

Rome: a new Espace Cartier for the Bedetti jewellery store

Polverini’s latest project was for the famous Bedetti jewellery store in Rome. The Polverini team had already set up a temporary Espace there in July 2020 and at the end of February 2021, after a period of careful design and planning, they completed the final restyling. For over 100 years the exclusive jeweller’s, in the […]

Cartier Dubai Mall

After months of careful planning, engineering and design, at the end of February 2021 the new-look Cartier in Dubai opened. Within the spectacular Dubai Mall, the Cartier store is a testimony to Polverini’s excellence in design and craftsmanship. This was a large project, that included the restyling of the 600 sqm boutique and its BOH, […]

A new Espace Cartier in Riccione

2021 flows in with continuous success that started in the previous year, especially when it comes to projects like Espace Cartier. To begin the year, in January, a team of three assembly workers was busy setting up a new Espace inside Bartorelli jewellery store. Located on Viale Dante, one of the busiest and most famous […]

Covid 19? We are facing it by investing in the future

  A new headquarters, with revolutionary ‘campus’ grounds for the company space, technology, security and welfare. With a production area of over 8,000 sqm, it is a new way of working which values people and their abilities. This is Polverini’s vision, which is already looking beyond the Covid phenomenon Currently Polverini has six offices around […]

An Espace Cartier also in Viareggio

Espace Cartier arrives to Viareggio. Located on 5 square meters of Sergio Capone jewellery store, a temporary Espace has been set up while waiting for the renovation of the prestigious jewellery store.  The set up required a team of 3 Polverini specialists to work on the project provided by Cartier. Its design is in line […]

Espace Cartier reaches the Italian capital

It was only a matter of time to welcome Espace Cartier in Rome and have the Polverini team work on the brand’s new space.  Since the end of July, the new Espace Cartier has been hosted in the Bedetti jewellery store. Our team spent intense days working on the 17 square meters space, turning it […]

Helsinki: in Northern Europe for another important opening

In the first week of August the Polverini team headed north to Helsinki, Finland, for the opening of yet another Espace Cartier on the map of Europe. Built at the same time as the Maltese project, also the Finnish one started from the engineering of the area. The new home of Espace is 15 square […]

Polverini arrives in Malta. New Espace Cartier in Valletta

The Polverini team was busy also this summer with the construction of a new Espace Cartier. This time the project took place in Lowell jewellery store on Republic Street of Valletta, on the nearby Malta. From 31 July to 8 August, after the engineering phase, the assembly team was busy setting up the new Cartier […]

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